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Hyper-deflationary strategy

Maximum token supply: 3,000,000,000.

We wanted our token to be deflationary since the beginning. To do that, we send after launch, an important part of tokens into dead address to start an automatic burn with our reflection mechanism which will forever compound thus increasing the burn rate.

As we want to control the inflation in the first days 50% of the presale tokens can be claimed at the end / 50% will be vested after 1 month.

Lock for 1 year, renewable 100 years

5% of it unlocked by month during 20 months.

5% of it unlocked by month during 20 months.

5% unlocked by month during 20 months


Transaction Tax Structure

There is an automatic 12% tax on all buys and sells of the $MSC token.
To ensure project reliability, we have already planned two strategies.


The early phase will be liquidity focus to ensure a proper bootstrapping of the project.


After reaching a particular volume milestone, taxes will change to ensure the fund's long-term growth.


Added through Buybacks and instantly locked on unicrypt.


Redistributed to holders as $MSC reflections.


Invested and managed by our experts to provide the best yields for our community.


Assures us to promote and scale the community, bolstering our market dominance.

Multi Strategies fund

The multiple strategies will open plenty of possibilities for the fund and help manage risks.

Icon For Flower#3 40%
Farming as a service
Icon For Picture 20%
NFTs curator as a service
Icon For Sketch 15%
Thesis investment
Icon For Sale#2 10%
Presale as a service
Icon For Git#3 10%
Node as a service
Icon For Money 5%
Fund delegated
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A user-friendly interface to:

Follow strategies performance
Analyze all transactions from the fund
Add proposal or vote into the DAO
Stake your token and earn $MSC
dashboard dashboard


Decades of experience in Development, Design, Finance, Marketing, and Blockchain, in one.

Lead UX/UI Designer
Financial Director
Blockchain developer
Frontend developer

Our values

Our team is a concentration of decades of experience in Development, Design, Finance, Marketing, and Blockchain.

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Committed to excellence

The team has a long-term vision to provide unique products and long-term value to MSC investors.

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Security & Transparency

Everything will be transparent with the community, and the team will work with all the tools and partners to ensure and maintain the highest security standards.

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Community owned

No VCs, MSC belongs entirely to the community. Therefore, any holder can participate in different decisions through the DAO voting.


  1. Done Phase 1
    Genesis - Bootstrapping
  2. Active Phase 2
    Expansion - Building

    Fund dashboard release Icon For Done-circle

    Team expansion Icon For Done-circle

    Launch of MSC strategy 1.0 Icon For Done-circle

    Staking release Icon For Right-circle

    DAO release Icon For Right-circle

    Marketing agencies partnership Icon For Right-circle

    International communities development (Asia, Arab..) Icon For Right-circle

  3. Phase 3
    Nemesis - Scaling

    Icon For Right-circle Fund Dashboard 2.0

    Icon For Right-circle New DeFi dashboard product

    Icon For Right-circle Strategic partnerships (including assurance)

    Icon For Right-circle Risk modeling integration

    Icon For Right-circle Cross-chain bridge (Fantom - Avax)

    Icon For Right-circle Develop new Arbitrage as a service strategy

    Icon For Right-circle Expend presale deal flow

  4. Phase 4
    Serenity - Rising

    Team reveal Icon For Right-circle

    Release incubator platform Icon For Right-circle

    On-chain Asset Delegation Icon For Right-circle

    RoadMAP 2.0 TBA Icon For Right-circle



  • Passive Income: We make DeFi easy for you. You buy and hold $MSC; we apply our deFi strategies and redistribute profits to you.
  • Transparency: All transactions and performance will be listed in our dashboard. In addition, for the sake of transparency towards our community, every month, we aggregate our data to give you a report on the key figures related to our strategies.
  • Security: We will partner with insurance to limit the risk of losing funds.
  • Expertise: Experienced team of financial constantly aware of latest innovation on the market.
  • Deflationary: The $MSC token is hyper-deflationary, as it burns on every buy and sale, reducing the circulating supply and increasing the $MSC token's scarcity.
  • Audited: All our smart contracts are audited, and code can be publically read on etherscan.

Multi Strategies Capital is not and will never be a one-man show. We realize that creating a great product takes a lot of hands, eyes, and brains, so we assembled an all-star team of senior developers, product designers, graphic and DeFi experts. We're committed to providing exceptional products and long-term value to the project.

We'll buy on Uniswap new $MSC tokens and use them for Liquidity Pool contributions or burn.

We are selecting the finest marketing strategies and executing them in a timely manner to acquire visibility for the project. In addition, we have key mentors on the team with a track record of project success, which adds significantly to our future success.

When someone buys or sells $MSC, the smart contract will take 3% of that purchase or sale and redistribute it to holders in the form of $MSC tokens on a proportional basis. These are known as “reflections.” For example: if you hold 1% of $MSC circulating supply, you will receive 1% of 3% of the volume on every buy and sell. And don’t forget the burn wallet is also receiving these reflections, making $MSC hyper deflationary while increasing the holdings of long-term $MSC holders.

Set 15% on Uniswap in advanced parameter to be sure the transaction will succeed.