The MSC Incubator

We are dedicated to seeking out early-stage blockchain projects to help accelerate their growth whilst bringing exposure in the industry.

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Our proposition value

To go further in our relationship with our partners, we propose to help projects by sharing our experiences, network, and knowledge in the ecosystem in many domain:

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  • Community building
  • Find Partnerships
  • Social media acquisition
  • Find KOLs
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Strategic advisory

  • Work on fundamental ideas and strategies
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  • Advisory
  • Code review
  • Logical audit
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  • Brand image
  • Website UI
  • Application UX
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  • Liquidity advisory
  • Tokenomics strategies
  • Inflation management

Our tools

To help projects, We plan to create multiple tools which will be available cross-chain and which will offer quality products to all our partners:


Decentralized LaunchPad

Open a public or private presale


Staking as a service Platform

Create incentive for your users to bring liquidity or lock your token..


NFT Mint Event & Gallery

Simply publish your NFT collection and showplay!


And more...


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Our team consists of professionals with a vast knowledge and range of backgrounds including traditional finance, mathematics, PR and blockchain technology.

Asides from giving strategic advice and guidance needed to accelerate projects, we focus on giving projects maximum exposure through our strategic partnership with influencers thus giving projects the push required for success.

The main purpose of the incubator is, above all, to give access, to our community to the private presale of ambitious projects. The MSC fund will invest in projects in order to benefit our community from the income generated. While many on-chain tools are chargeable for projects, we want to make everything free and open only to the incubated projects. Only Advanced services such as technical audits, graphic design will be at the charge of the project